Jesus was quite clear that we must lose our life before we find it. Falling into Grace gives a hopeful and realistic look at what losing our life entails, articulating how "growth" in the Christian life is not our ascent to God but the process by which our eyes are opened to the beauty God has already given to us.  It is a book about descending into God, and into our own inner depths, about the deep waters of the Christian faith. 

We live in a world that values productivity and success, and we vainly imagine that God expects us to be spiritually productive and successful, too. It doesn't matter how much we talk about grace, our conversation is often narrowly focused on what we need to do for God—so much so that we often block the work God longs to do in us. This book does not articulate God's work as a process by which we become spiritually strong, but rather as the process by which we embrace our weakness as the place where we most fully experience God's perfect strength.

Not only does this book deal with the big spiritual issues, but it deals with them in a big way! John Newton uses Scripture, good psychology, along with knowledge of primary sources to write in a compelling and very readable way. Read, and be led further on a very fine spiritual journey!
— Richard Rohr
John Newton challenges and disrupts in this book. He uses story, scripture, and emotional insight to challenge what we think we know, what we believe, and how we show up in our faith and in our daily lives. Falling into Grace isn’t theory––it’s a powerful call to action
— Brené Brown