New Clothes speaks to two very specific challenges we face at this unique time in the life of the church. It would seem we are equally ineffective at transforming the lives of the “un-churched” world as we are the established, declining “churched” world. Whereas one group is altogether unfamiliar with the Gospel, many sleepy pew sitters have become overly familiar with it! And both cases leave people stuck. This book lays out the orthodox Christian message of hope in a way that speaks to each group. Using modern psychological and biblical knowledge to refresh historic Christian doctrines, including those of creation, sin, atonement, spiritual rebirth, and resurrection, it offers a springboard into practical measures we can take now to enter God's story of salvation so that we might be transformed.

In New Clothes John Newton skillfully weaves biblical texts into our lives in a manner that illumines fundamental Christian convictions about how our lives can be lived to reflect the glory of God. This is the kind of book that hopefully many Christians will read as they find their lives reflected in these accounts of the Christian life.
— Stanley Hauerwas